What is dithyramb?

What Does dithyramb Mean

The Greek word dithýrambos derived from the Latin dithyrambus , which refers to a lyrical work dedicated to Dionysus . The term came to our language as dithyramb .

In Ancient Greece , therefore, a dithyramb was a poem in honor of the god of wine and fertility . These works used to be part of the rituals centered on his figure through the interpretation of a choir . Dionysus was one of the gods of Olympus , son of Semele and Zeus .
Arion of Lesbos is said to have been responsible for turning dithyramb into a genre of literature . Laso de Hermíone was in charge of imposing it in Athens and then it became a competition within the framework of the Dionysas (festivals that were dedicated to Dionysus ).

It is important to note that dithyramb is often referred to as a precedent of the theater . While there were people who interpreted the composition during the development of the rite, other people watched the performance.
With the passage of time , laudatory compositions began to be called dithyramb , with exaggerated praise. A dithyramb aims to exalt and glorify someone.
Ditirambo Teatro , on the other hand, is the name of a theater company founded in 2005 in Pamplona ( Navarra ). Since its creation, it has been part of multiple festivals and events , performing before thousands of spectators.
Ditirambo Arte , meanwhile, is a theatrical and artistic production company that emerged in 1984 in the city of Buenos Aires ( Argentina ) at the initiative of Rubén Barreira González . After three decades of experience, Ditirambo landed in Madrid ( Spain ).

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