What is dissertation?

What Does dissertation Mean

Dissertation is a concept that derives from the Latin word dissertatio . The term refers to the act and result of speaking : exposing on a subject in a methodical and detailed way.

For example: “The presentation of the Minister of Economy was followed with great attention by the deputies” , “When the coach began with his presentation, no journalist knew what he was going to say” , “A renowned endocrinologist will give a presentation tomorrow on hypothyroidism in the municipal hospital ” .
The dissertation idea is usually associated with an oral presentation . The speaker shares his reasoning about an issue, provides arguments or tries to educate the listeners.

Depending on the context, however, the notion can refer to certain specific practices. In the French educational system, to mention a case, a dissertation is an exercise that consists of answering, appealing to arguments, a question that poses a certain problem. In some cases that lecture must also present its conclusions .
The dissertation, on the other hand, can be a lecture , a colloquium, or a class . The presentation can be accompanied by audiovisual or graphic resources to reinforce the transmission of knowledge, although public speaking is the main element.
For the dissertation to be successful as a communicative process (that is, for the objectives set by the speaker to be met), it is necessary to prepare it correctly. The planning has to be structured from three questions: Why? (what is the purpose), for whom? (who is the target audience) and how? (how you intend to achieve the goal).

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