What is disinformation?

What Does disinformation Mean

The misinformation is the act and the result of misinforming . This verb (to misinform), meanwhile, refers to omitting information or providing it insufficiently or intentionally manipulated .

There are two broad meanings of the concept. On the one hand, disinformation is associated with the practice that aims to deceive the population through false news and fallacious data . On the other hand, the notion can be directly linked to the lack of information , with which it is closely related to ignorance .
In the first case, disinformation is synonymous with information manipulation . The goal is for people not to find out about something or to believe that a lie is true . The media and social networks play a very important role in this process .

Suppose a television channel is in opposition to a government . In its journalistic and news programs (also known as newscasts or newscasts) it is responsible for spreading all kinds of complaints against officials and even rumors that affect the image of the authorities, but it never discloses when the complaints are dismissed by the Justice or when the rulers are acquitted . Thus, through disinformation, it tendentiously affects public opinion.
Let's now see what happens to a young woman who grew up in a remote place, without access to school . This woman believes that if she ingests three glasses of water after having intimate relations, she cannot get pregnant. The misinformation, originated in the lack of sexual education , means that an unwanted pregnant woman can go through since she does not know contraceptive methods.

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