What is disc protrusion?

A bulging disc is a common cause of low back pain, and many appointments are made to see a chiropractor to treat this condition. The discs in the back are made up of a ring of fibers called ring . The ring is placed around a center known as the nucleus . The core is not completely solid, but looks like a gel.

When the core gel protrudes into the ring, it is called glide . When someone says they have a slipped disk , they are really talking about a disk bulge. When a portion of the nucleus protrudes into the annulus, it causes the disc at the back to protrude, possibly pressing against a nerve. The result is a lot of pain.

Pain from a disc bulge can start in the lower back and radiate down one or both legs. If the disc bulge is large, the pain will tend to spread further down the legs. A person with this condition may lean to the left or right, and this will influence where the pain is felt most acutely.

As a person ages, the chance that they will experience a disc bulge increases due to the deterioration of the discs in the back. The condition can be detected by an MRI exam. If the disc bulge is causing the spinal canal to narrow, it is an indication of a serious problem. In a situation where the spinal canal is not affected, the condition may not be considered very serious.

Treatment options for a bulging disc will depend on the amount of pain the person is experiencing and, as a result, the level of impairment to their daily life that is occurring. Some disc bulges heal on their own, without the individual being aware that they have the condition. Surgery may be recommended for the person in extreme pain or where other measures have failed to relieve the condition.

The other measures used to treat disc protrusion include the prescription of pain medication, bed rest, and physical therapy. Chiropractic treatments from a qualified professional can help reposition the annulus and core so that the gel-like substance is back in the right place. Steroids given in the form of an epidural can also provide relief from this very painful condition.

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