What is device?

What Does device Mean

From the Latin disposĭtus ( "arranged" ), a device is an apparatus or mechanism that performs certain actions. Its name is linked to the fact that said device is ready to fulfill its objective.

For example: “They gave me an espresso machine, but I still don't understand how the device works” , “A specialist recommended that I install a device that regulates the intensity of light” , “This stove has a device that allows you to program the lighting time and off ” .
The concept in computing
The notion of device is very popular in computing and informatics , since this term is used to name peripherals and other systems linked to the operation of computers .

The USB memory or pendrive is a data storage device.
In this sense, a data storage device is a component that allows reading or writing digital information on a medium or medium. The device, therefore, stores computer files logically and physically. A hard disk , a DVD-ROM drive, and a memory card reader are data storage devices.
In the same way, we cannot forget that a pendrive or USB-type memory is another of the most common memory storage devices that are used within the computer field. As a general rule, we can also determine that it is a plug & play type system, that is, it does not require previously carrying out what would be the installation of any type of software since it works directly when it is connected to the computer.
Mobile devices
It should also be noted that we regularly talk, and also use in our daily lives, what has been called mobile devices. Those are technological devices that are identified not only because we can take them with us but also because they allow us to carry out actions such as communicating with other people, staying informed or even having fun.
In that category are both smart phones, so-called smartphones, as well as laptops, PDAs or tablets, among many others. All of them have a processor, memory storage capacity, connectivity ...
Among mobile devices we find smartphones or smartphones.
Specifically, mobile devices are divided into three groups:

• With improved data, which are equipped with a screen with a resolution of more than 240 x 120 pixels and which offer proposals such as a browser, SMS, email, office automation programs ...
• Basic data. In their case, they are the ones with a screen of up to 240 x 120 pixels and among their features, email or a very simple browser stand out.
• Limited data, with small screens and services such as SMS.
Other uses of the notion
A standalone device is known as one that has an independent power supply and can therefore be active offline. In the specific field of computing, the standalone device can work without the need to be connected to the computer (such as a multifunctional device).
A braille device is an electronic machine that interprets or generates braille language, either in physical or virtual form. These devices are often used as external peripherals for a computer.
In general language, finally, a device can be the organization that is carried out to carry out an action: "The police set up a device to catch the thief inside the bank . "

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