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What Does demo Mean

Demo is a term that has its origin in a concept in the Greek language that is generally translated as “people” . In this sense, it is a compositional element that allows us to create different words in our language.

It must be established that in demo antiquity it was used as a term to refer to each of the administrative districts that existed in Athens. Each of them had a series of essential elements for coexistence and its operation such as an agora, which was the assembly that was in charge of possessing the necessary power in matters of civil registration, police, worship or even finances. .
In the same way, it should be noted that the demos was the basic constituency, since then it was expanding and shaping others of greater rank such as tribes, tribes or cities.

Democracy , for example, is a political system that contemplates citizen participation through voting for decision-making. Democratic states, therefore, are governed according to the will of the majority.
The demographics , meanwhile, is the analysis of a human community through statistics . The discipline works with quantitative data to study the characteristics of a society .
It is possible to find another use of demo, not as a compositional element within a compound word, but as a noun . A demo, from the English demonstration , is a limited version of software or a musical disc that is used as a preview or sample of the complete work.
In the case of computer programs, demos usually include fewer features or tools than the final version of the product. The demo of a video game , to cite an example, can include three or four levels, while the full game offers the possibility of passing a hundred levels.
The development of a demo of a video game is much more complex than many think; In general, it is not simply a matter of cutting the content, but requires a specific design, with certain changes that make the experience more coherent and that manage to convey the soul of the complete product, despite being drastically reduced. This is not that difficult to achieve in action games, but it is in genres such as RPG or adventure.
A demo usually presents the beginning of a game, although this is not always the case; sometimes a portion of the story is offered that does not reveal many secrets, but contains enough elements to give a clear idea of ​​the mechanics and characteristics of the characters and worlds they will have to explore.
Generally, in a demo there are references to all or many of the parts of the full game that have been blocked, to tempt players to buy it after passing the test. It is worth mentioning that a demo is not the same as a beta version, and the difference is mainly that the former faithfully represents the graphics, sound and playability of the final product , while the latter can be released months or even years before the project is completed.

In the field of music , the demo is usually a recording that a singer or a band records to present to a record company with the intention of obtaining a contract. In some countries, this demo is also known as a mockup .
Precisely in relation to the musical field, we also have to say that in Spain there is a contest that tries to give young talents a new opportunity and that uses the term at hand in its title. It is about the Demo Project, which is developed by Radio 3 and which basically comes to be a contest in which new artists present their demo models in order to achieve a professional opportunity.
Thanks to the possibilities offered by the Internet with social networks such as Youtube and Myspace, nowadays not all artists who want to see their names in the top positions of the international charts take the trouble to prepare a demo as it used to be. until the 90's. This doesn't mean that you don't have to work hard to get noticed, but that the demands have changed.
Hoy en día, las compañías discográficas no siempre deben realizar grandes apuestas a la hora de contratar a nuevos artistas, ya que pueden buscar entre aquellos que dan a conocer sus obras a través de la Red y fijarse en el éxito que han conseguido por ellos mismos. Los músicos que comparten sus creaciones con la comunidad no suelen exigir dinero a cambio de las versiones completas, aunque las vendan por medio de servicios como iTunes. Cuando preparan una demo, para presentar a una productora o para un concurso, por ejemplo, también es común que pidan a sus seguidores todo el apoyo posible.
Dentro del ámbito musical, tendríamos que establecer además que “Demo” es el título de una revista que versa sobre dicho campo cultural. Es originaria de Perú y comenzó su andadura en el año 2005. Su periodicidad es bimestral y viene a abordar todo tipo de entrevistas, artículos y reportajes musicales relativos tanto a los últimos grupos y cantantes que llegan al mercado como aquellos que ya forman parte de la Historia.

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