What is delimitation?

What Does delimitation Mean

Delimitation is the action and effect of delimiting . This verb refers to determining the limits of something. For example: "The delimitation of the border was a source of conflict between both countries" , "The manager of a company must invest time in delimiting the functions of each employee, to avoid friction and misunderstandings" , "I have not yet carried out the delimitation of the field ” .

The notion of limit , for its part, refers to the real or imaginary line that separates two territories or to a restriction or limitation, among other things. Delimiting, therefore, consists of drawing a division (separating two or more things) or imposing a fence (physical or symbolic).

In this sense, both a field can be delimited by fences or an employee's responsibilities through instructions or orders. This means that the term can mention a physical and concrete separation (the wiring that marks a limit between two properties) or a more abstract restriction (the order that fixes what tasks to fulfill).
Among the tasks of the Police and Civil Guard officers (or Urbana, depending on the country), is the duty to detect anomalies in the public thoroughfare, whether it is a suspicious situation among a group of people or signs of deterioration in a building, depending on the position and the body, and delimit the area in which they are warned, then inform their superiors and, according to the case and the instructions previously received, request reinforcements to proceed to solve the problems.
The delimitation of a potentially dangerous area for citizens is usually done through the use of specific material, such as marking tapes with the inscription "danger", "works", "entry prohibited", "danger, high voltage", or simply with a two-color combination with oblique stripes, which can be white and red or yellow and black.
On the other hand, the delimitation can also simply be an inspection to assess the extent of the anomaly and be in a position to make the best decision to find a solution. An example of this type of situation can be the exercise of some commercial activity without the pertinent license, before which an agent of the Civil Guard is forced to act to guarantee the rights of the merchants who do comply with their obligations .
Once the boundaries of zone A or conflicting, there are several codes for communication of the fault to the operations center; First of all, the medium used is usually a wireless device known as a handy receiver (although people unrelated to this area often call it a walkie talkie ), which has a long range and allows the entire body to be connected.

The description of the conflict must be done following a pre-established order , citing the relevant data so that the interlocutor can enter them in a database and then refer them to the corresponding body. When it is necessary to communicate proper names, the normal thing is to use certain well-known words (such as names of countries or provinces) to spell them; for example, say "Spain London Italy Sweden America" ​​to spell the name "Elisa."
The delimitation of the territory was something very important several centuries ago, when the European powers expanded to other regions through colonialism and then when the colonies began to become independent. In these processes, it was necessary to establish new limits in each nation or region .
Another related notion is limitation , which indicates the action and effect of limiting or limiting oneself. The use of limitation and delimitation, in everyday language, is almost identical, since both terms are often used synonymously in some contexts.

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