What is decline?

What Does decline Mean

The first thing we are going to do is know the etymological origin of the term descent. In this case, we can state that it derives from Latin, exactly from “descensus”, which can be translated as “descent” and that it is the result of the sum of two well differentiated parts:

-The prefix “de-”, which is used to indicate "from top to bottom".

-The verb “scandere”, which is synonymous with “scalar”.

The concept refers to the act and result of descending , a verb that can refer to descending or falling . For example: "The decline in productive activity worries the government" , "The team must win the three remaining games to avoid the decline" , "We had no problems getting to the top, but the decline was complicated as it began to rain heavily ” .
We can speak of descent to name a road in decline . The route used to descend from the upper sector of a mountain can be called descent, as well as the action that allows this descent to be specified.

In the area of the resort , it is known as a drop test of downhill skiing . In this modality, the skier descends in speed while he must go through different doors and complete a certain route.
The rafting , on the other hand, is a recreational activity that is also mentioned as rafting . This proposal consists of moving downstream, in the direction of the current, aboard a boat. It usually takes place in rough waters.
It is precisely in this sense that it must be established that, internationally, the so-called Descent of the Sella is well known. This is a canoeing test that was launched in 1930 and consists of descending the 20 kilometers of the Sella River that runs between the Asturian towns of Arriondas and Ribadesella.
The Spanish Canoeing Federation is in charge of organizing this sporting event, which has achieved great popularity, so much so that it has been declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest.
It is important to know that in parallel to the descent, the so-called 'Fiesta de las Piraguas' is celebrated, where people enjoy not only this sporting activity but also spending a weekend outdoors, getting to know the natural enclaves of the area and tasting the typical dishes of Asturian gastronomy, such as beans.
Likewise, those who want to experience this celebration from another party point can do so on board the river train that runs between the two mentioned locations and that makes different stops to follow the competition.
In various sports , the notion of relegation is linked to losing the category . In most leagues, if a First Division soccer team finishes a championship in the last place in the standings, it is relegated: in the following season, it must compete in the Second Division championship .

Lastly, on an economic level, the decline refers to a fall in the indices . The decrease in the unemployment rate, to cite one case, implies that said rate fell (therefore, the level of unemployment or unemployment decreased).

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