What is decimal point?

What Does decimal point Mean

It is known as the decimal point to the sign that is used to perform the separation between the integer part and the fractional part of a number. Currently, not only is a period used to separate the two parts, but the comma can also be used . That is why it is often referred to as a decimal separator and not specifically as a decimal point.

History shows that the first time the decimal point is mentioned is in a publication from 1492 . Almost a century later, a mathematician proposed the use of the comma as a decimal separator.
Over the years, the use of the decimal point or the comma became more or less popular depending on the region . Even centuries ago, other symbols were suggested to separate between the whole part and the fractional part of a figure, although in the end they did not prosper.

It is important to establish that, in particular, it is since 2003 when comma and period are used interchangeably. However, before the International System of Units (SI) advocated and recommended that the comma be used.
The result of this rule is that each country chooses to use them without any kind of distinction or that one or the other is advocated more. Thus, for example, among the nations that opt ​​for the decimal point are Germany, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, France, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Greece, Switzerland or Poland, among others.
For their part, among the countries that prefer the decimal point are China, the United States, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, India, Guatemala, the Philippines or Australia, for example.
The result of all this is that we can establish, as a general rule, that in English-speaking countries the decimal point is used while in South America and continental Europe the decimal point is chosen.
In the work "Spelling of the Spanish Language", however, we come across the fact that the use of the aforementioned decimal point is recommended for a simple reason. Which? Go towards the unification of that job as a sign to separate decimals. However, it of course makes it clear that the comma is also correct. Thus, it establishes that both 11.5 and 11.5 would be well expressed.
In computer programs that work with numerical data, such as Excel, decimal points are generally used. However, people who wish to substitute commas for those can do so.
Suppose we want to write that a recipe for making bread requires the use of 1500 grams of flour . This is equivalent to one and a half kilograms of flour or, in other words, 1 ½ kilograms of flour.
If we express that amount in another way, we would say that the recipe in question has 1.5 kilos of flour or 1.5 kilos of flour. As you can see, the decimal point separates the numbers 1 and 5 , 1 being the integer and 5 the fractional part.

The same recipe indicates that you must use 250 milliliters of oil . This quantity is equivalent to ¼ or 0.25 liters , where the decimal point allows to separate between the integer ( 0 ) and the fractional part ( 25 ).

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