What is data mining?

What Does data mining Mean

The concept of data mining , coming from the English language, is often referred to in our language as data mining . The notion is linked to the procedure that is carried out to detect patterns in a large amount of data.

The purpose of data mining is to extract certain information from a mass of data to create a structure that can be understood and used. For this it resorts to database systems, statistical techniques and other resources.
Data mining analyzes and processes the data in search of some pattern or model . Once a certain structure is discovered, it seeks to make it visible so that it is possible to work with it.

In this way, through a semi-automatic or automatic analysis of the data , data mining manages to discover patterns that, until now, were not known. From then on, additional tasks or activities arise that, although they do not belong to the specific field of data mining, are part of its universe.
It can be said that the data mining process begins with the selection of the mass of data. Then we proceed to the analysis of their properties to transform them and extract information that can be interpreted and evaluated.
More precisely, we can state that data mining is made up of three clearly defined stages or phases:

-The determination of the objectives. In other words, it is a matter of establishing what purposes are pursued with that process. It is whoever orders them himself who decides them and then makes them known, of course, to the data mining professional.

-The preprocessing of the data. It consists of what is the selection, cleaning, enrichment, reduction and even change in what are the databases that are key in the process.

-The choice of model. This stage, in turn, we can establish that it is divided into several parts. Thus, first, the statistical analysis of the data is carried out. And then, secondly, what is the graphic display of those is developed.

-Analysis of the results obtained, with which it will be possible to know at what point has been reached and also whether the aims that the person who commissioned the data mining process have been achieved have been achieved.
Data mining can be used, for example, to detect potential terrorists . Through the analysis of millions of telephone calls, emails and communications of different types, it is possible to discover a pattern that allows identifying people who plan to commit an attack.
A company can also resort to data mining to search for certain variables among the data it has on its customers and thus offer a certain product only to those who meet certain requirements.
It is precisely in this sense that supermarkets and hypermarkets can find a great ally in data mining. And, for example, if thanks to that they know the habits of their customers regarding the weekend, they can be clear about the products that are consumed the most during that period and thus make them more attractive or even put them more within reach. . In this way, they will be able to satisfy customers and improve their sales.

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