What is dam?

What Does dam Mean

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) has the first meaning of the term prey to actions related to grabbing, grasping or holding something . The term is also used to name what was caught.

For biology and ecology , a prey is an animal species that can be hunted or trapped in some way by another. The animal becomes prey in the framework of a relationship known as predation , in which the predator goes out in search of its prey to feed. One animal can be the predator of another and, in turn, the prey of a third.
For example: "In this video, we can see how a lonely zebra becomes prey to a pride of hungry lions" , "If the sheep intend to stay alive, they must run at full speed and thus avoid becoming prey to the wolves" , "When the tiger has its prey in its sights, it will do anything until it hunts it . "

The human being or the animal that suffers from something is also known as prey: “Javier was seized with terror when he was pointed at by the gun” , “Prey of a fit of fury, the woman began to insult and beat the policemen” .
A prey is, on the other hand, the reduced portion of a meal: "Please pass me a piece of chicken" , "Grandpa has already eaten about four prey . " Finally, a dam is an irrigation canal or wall that rises in a water course to create a reservoir for it and redirect its course.
Some breeds of dogs carry the concept in their name, since they are animals that have special powers for hunting, some examples are: the Presa Canario, the Presa Mallorquín, Presa Español (also known as Alano Español). Other canine breeds of prey are: Dogo Argentino, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Fila Brasilero, Amstaff and Bull Terrier.
Michael Crichton's novel
One of Michael Crichton's novels is called "Dam." It is a story that is delimited by the borders of thriller, action and intrigue ; in it, the author of "Jurassic Park" presents a conflict to which we may be quite used to it and which makes our species look very bad.
A technological advance , which could mean an immense advance for science and medicine on our planet, is subsidized by the government to be used for military purposes; Which inevitably leads to an unexpected and negative consequence for the environment.
Ethical questions are posed and the answers given in the novel leave much to be desired: they are realistic, but they belong to that frightening realism because it makes us feel how unprotected we are in this world.

The central theme revolves around nanotechnology, where interesting scientific topics such as artificial intelligence , genetics and the creation of a self-sufficient system emerge .
The story begins by introducing a protagonist who, due to having lost his job, must carry out household chores in order to somehow collaborate with the family balance. In this context the action takes place , in which threats are mixed, extremely complex situations in which the human being loses control to yield it to "his creations", which become absolutely violent and disobedient beings.
In a word, and as the author himself has expressed, it is a work that allows us to understand what things could happen if there were no exhaustive control in biotechnology research. That is, the need to put a limit to what is done with technology , to avoid putting the survival of life on the planet at risk.

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