What is cut?

What Does cut Mean

Cutting is the action and effect of cutting . This verb refers to dividing something with a sharp instrument or giving a certain shape with scissors or tools. For example: "I am going to cut the pizza: please prepare your dishes" , "The tree cutting was not very precise and ended up damaging branches that were healthy" , "Do you like my new haircut?" .

The notion of cutting is also used to name the edge of the tool that is used to cut or chop: "Tell Gastón that he has to sharpen the cutting blade of the knife" , "This saw is running out of cut" , "Ten be careful with the saw cut ” .

Another use of the term is linked to the wound produced by a cutting element: “The fall produced a five-centimeter cut in the scalp” , “While preparing the food, I cut myself with the knife” , “The cut did not the bleeding would stop, so we had to take the little boy to the hospital . "
Within the field of communication media, fundamentally in the field of radio, the term court is also used but with another meaning. Specifically, it is used to refer to the fragment of an interview or statements that have been obtained from a specific person.
However, there are also the so-called advertising cuts. These are broadcast during the programs and are used, as the name suggests, as advertisements for certain companies or products.
A cut, on the other hand, is the section where a piece of meat or sausage has been cut : “Go to the butcher and find out what cut they have to prepare tonight” , “In Argentina, the asado is the cut of meat most popular ” , “ I don't know many cuts of beef ” .
But the term cut is not only used with this type of food products. There is also talk of cut ice cream, which is one that is sold in portions. Specifically, in Spain, it refers to the one that is presented between two servings of cookies and that is characterized by having two or three flavors, perfectly defined and with a differentiated appearance although they are within the same “block”.
In colloquial language, it is common to resort to the use of the word cut to shape certain expressions or verbal phrases. Examples of this are the following:

• Sleeves cut. It is a term that comes to define the gesture that one person makes to another in an obscene or derogatory plan. It consists of bending one arm with the hand upwards and letting the hand of the other arm fall on it.

• Giving someone a cut. This locution, on the other hand, is used to record that someone has responded in a quick, scathing and witty way to another individual.
Court can also be the set of people accompanying a monarch ( "By marrying the prince, the woman became part of the court" ) and the court of justice of a territory ( "The accused announced that he will take the case to the Court ” ).

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