What is cumbersome?

What Does cumbersome Mean

The adjective cumbersome is used to describe what is arduous or annoying . The cumbersome activities are usually carried out by obligation , without the person feeling interest or attraction for them.

For example: "Ironing clothes is very cumbersome for me, but you must do it since good looks are important in my work" , "The procedures that must be carried out when buying a used car are somewhat cumbersome" , "The boss He sent me to order the file: how cumbersome! " .
Among the synonyms for cumbersome we find heavy, unpleasant, arduous, annoying and even annoying. On the contrary, among its antonyms we can highlight some such as easy, light, simple or pleasant.

Usually individuals try to avoid cumbersome tasks. However, there are many actions that must be carried out, no matter how boring, since, once carried out, they provide some type of benefit or allow the fulfillment of an obligation .
Washing dishes after dinner , to name one case, can be cumbersome. But if the dishes that were used on the table are not washed, the next day they will obviously remain dirty and cannot be used again. Therefore, at some point they will have to be washed or they will never be able to be used again. In short, it is preferable to complete the cumbersome task of washing them as soon as possible and making them available for a new meal.
In the home is where everyone agrees that there are more cumbersome tasks. Hence, there are always individuals who try to avoid doing them so that other people who live with them can take care of them. And that can lead to numerous conflicts not only between members of a couple but also between those of a family.
Specifically, the latest studies carried out have come to make it clear that the ten tasks that must be done at home that are considered the heaviest are cleaning the oven, cleaning the bathrooms, ironing clothes, cleaning the windows, cleaning thoroughly the fridge, folding laundry that has been washed and dried, dusting off furniture, and even setting the meal menu for the whole week.
In the workplace it is very common to use the term cumbersome. In this case, it is usually used to mention those tasks that nobody wants to do because they are very arduous or heavy, for example.
Often times, there are people who always seem to have the "ability" to be charged with undertaking these cumbersome tasks. Therefore, what they must do is be alert to detect them and they must make their bosses see that they are full of work and cannot take on more tasks.
Sometimes, you have to comply with bureaucratic issues that are also cumbersome, although they are mandatory. A self-employed worker must register and then submit affidavits periodically to report their income to the treasury and pay the corresponding taxes . Although this can be difficult or annoying, it is essential to be in order.

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