What is crust of bread?

What Does crust of bread Mean

Although there are different theories about the etymological origin of the term mendrugo that we are dealing with now, we have to state that the one that has the most relevance is the one that indicates that it derives from Andalusian Arabic. Specifically, it states that it comes from “mâtruq”, which can be translated as “marked”, “crushed”, “touched” and even “broken bread”.

A crust is a piece of leftover or stale bread . It is a discarded piece, which was not consumed or consumed with the rest of the product .
The crusts, in this way, are remains or crumbs of bread. For example: "The man sat on a bench in the square and began to throw crusts at the pigeons to feed them" , "The children were hungry, there were not even crusts left" , "At the time of the war there was so much poverty that each crust was enjoyed like a delicacy ” .

On many occasions, the bread crusts that remain at home are used to prepare such exquisite recipes as gazpacho, salmorejo and even the famous migas. Dishes all of them that are among the most traditional and exquisite culinary proposals of Spanish cuisine.
In ancient times crust was associated with bread that was given as alms to the poor . The crusts were the leftovers, what the wealthiest did not consume and gave it to the most needy.
Also, in colloquial language , the concept of crust is used to refer to a stupid or coarse individual , with difficulties to understand: "That crust never knows anything" , "The owner of the company is a crust that does not understand how this crust works. business " , " Are you a crust or what? Pay more attention so you learn to use this tool at once! " .
Starting from all the exposed meanings, we have to establish that among the words that can be synonymous with mendrugo are cuscurro, corrusco, zoquete, stupid, clumsy, stupid or zote.
“Los mendrugos” , on the other hand, is the title of a comic that was published between 1990 and 2003 in “El Jueves” , a Spanish weekly. The series was compiled into two books.
In the same way, we cannot ignore either that Mendrugo is the name of a singer-songwriter originally from the Cordoba town of Montilla (Spain). He plays the guitar, has been a finalist in different festivals and competitions and has even participated in very significant musical events such as the Campiña Rock Festival. In the market it has two discs: “Stereotypes” and “12 volts”.
Likewise, Mendrugo was also known as a famous chef from Formentera, whose real name was Toni Planells. Specifically, it was from Ibiza and it became known throughout Spain for the exquisite fish dishes that it prepared and that enchanted other renowned chefs such as Juan Mari Arzak.

La Casa del Mendrugo , meanwhile, is a historic construction that is located in the old town of the Mexican city of Puebla . Today it works as a museum and also has a restaurant and a cafe.

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