What is crossword?

What Does crossword Mean

A crossword puzzle is a game or hobby that consists of filling in the gaps in a picture with letters. To find out which letter should be written in each space, the crossword indicates the meaning of the words to be read vertically and horizontally. The idea, therefore, is that the completed crossword template will present a series of words that can be read vertically and horizontally and that intersect with each other.

How to complete a crossword
To begin to complete a crossword, the person must read the two lists of definitions that the pastime presents: one corresponding to the vertical sense and another for the horizontal sense. The template or drawing is divided into white boxes (where you have to write the individual letters) and black boxes (which serve to separate the words).

Thus, when reading a definition and knowing the word, the participant has to enter the crossword, writing a letter in each white box of the corresponding space. In this way, little by little the game will be completed.
Crosswords are often found in the newspapers
Types of crosswords
There are several variants of crosswords, such as the syllabic crossword (which must be completed with one syllable per box, and not a letter), the crossword with a character (which includes the photograph of a personality to complete their name and surname) or the crossword white (no black squares, since the participant must discover where the spaces are located).
Crosswords are usually published in newspapers and magazines, although there are also publications and books that are exclusively dedicated to this game that first appeared in the New York World in December 1913 .
History of crosswords
The origin of crosswords dates back to the 1st century . The first crossword puzzle was found in the ruins of Pompeii and is known as the sator square .
Sator's Square, the first crossword puzzle
Later, well into the nineteenth century, a man known as Hyperion published the famous double diamond puzzles; These were games of a mental nature that were very similar to current crosswords (with little squares where the user had to interlace the words until they found the correct combination). These posts are believed to have been made over several years.

Years later, a game would emerge that was deeply inspired by the sator square and that consisted of a four-by-four grid with some clues so that users could find the answers; however, this entertainment was not very successful.
Finally, Arthur Wynne, an English journalist published in the New York World the first crossword puzzle, as we know it today. It was called "word-cross" although a few years later the term by which we still know this entertainment was coined.
Crossword elements
The fundamental elements of a crossword are: the grid (white cells with small numbers that are associated with the references) and the references (they are usually located at the bottom of the page and consist of a series of very concise definitions that allow the user to link a word with the space available to complete the grid).
It is noteworthy that the references are divided into two parts, corresponding to the read grid in sense horizontally , and corresponding to the vertical distribution.
The words are chosen in such a way that those boxes shared by two words have a letter that is the same for the position of both terms, the horizontal and vertical, in this way, as the grid is filled, it is easier to find the words that are missing.
A therapy
These hobbies are often recommended for those who have a facility to forget things since it keeps their mind awake and helps them associate concepts. They are usually published solitary in magazines called crosswords or crosswords and also in newspapers and magazines; in some cases, these crosswords are thematic .

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