What is crossing?

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What Does crossing Mean

A journey is defined as any trip or itinerary that involves some kind of risk and that is usually related to an adventure . Those who start a journey know that they are exposed to unforeseen situations, usually linked to weather conditions or unfamiliarity with the terrain . For example: "We have been traveling for two days and we have not yet reached the refuge" , "Three mountaineers died in the middle of a journey when they were trying to reach the top of Mount Kashifu" , "Tomorrow we will begin the journey to San Carlos Island . "

The most common use of the term, therefore, is associated with a trip or undertaking that involves risky tasks or activities . In a somewhat metaphorical sense, it is said that life is a journey, since it consists of a journey towards various goals: "Education is the main tool that human beings have for this journey" , "At 98 years of age, the famous pianist completed the journey of his life and died at home ” .

Risk crossing
It should be noted that crossings are also associated with adventure tourism or extreme sports .
A travel agency can offer a journey through the Amazon jungle that includes activities such as rafting or zip-lining (canopy), watching wild animals and contact with aboriginal tribes , without all this implying a real risk for the tourist, since the conditions of security are controlled by the company.
In any case, there are crossings that do require a risk , in many cases high, for which it is strictly necessary for tourists to be moderately prepared to avoid catastrophes. The latter are generally called risky journeys or risky adventure tourism.
To carry out this type of experience, it is important that travelers have a small glimpse of the place they will visit and the activities that they will carry out during the experience , that they know the most obvious risks and are willing to face the consequences, whatever they may be.
For example, if the journey consists of climbing a high hill in the middle of the snow, they must have knowledge of skiing and mountaineering, so that with the tools they have, they are able to make good decisions and do not put their life or the life at risk. rest of the group.
Many times it happens that in some Adventure Tourism groups there are members who do not know what this type of activity really consists of, which is to test our body and know how far we are capable of going, and if added to this they lack the preparation to survive in unfavorable or comfortable situations, the survival of all the members of the group can be complicated. For this reason, companies that organize risk adventure tourism, usually make available to travelers a series of intensive courses in which they are prepared for the trip .

Other meanings of the term
The term crossing wind is very old and is used in the marine environment to refer to a wind that blows very strong and perpendicular or is felt from the side (that is, it is not perceived from the front) on a coast with little shelter. . It is characterized by being extremely risky for those fragile sailing vessels that are near the coast, because lacking shelter it is normal for them to be shipwrecked.
Other meanings mentioned in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) of travel have to do with the area chosen to move towards a specific or uncertain destination; the cross path between two others and the distance between two points.

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