What is crime?

What Does crime Mean

Crime is the willful act of seriously injuring or murdering someone . The person who carries out this type of action is known as a criminal . For example: "There are two arrested for the crime of the textile businessman" , "A horrendous crime shook the city of Rio de Janeiro" , "The police redouble their efforts to find the criminal" .

There are times when the term crime is used to define a felony in general and improper or reprehensible action : “What the government has done by reducing aid to community kitchens is a real crime” , “Many believe that separating to the young children of their parents is a crime, but the judge did not understand it that way .
From the point of view of the law , the crime is a conduct , an action or an omission typified by the law that is unlawful and punishable . A crime, therefore, violates criminal law . The concept is linked to that of crime , although this word (from the Latin delinquere ) has an etymological origin that refers to "abandoning" the path established by law.

Crime, therefore, is usually used in a generic sense and crime is reserved to refer to a serious crime or an offensive crime against people .
Another distinction can be made between crime and homicide . A homicide is, for all the laws of the world, a crime. In contrast, the act of killing a person is only a homicide (and therefore a crime) in certain cases. He who kills in the middle of a war , in legitimate defense or exercising a profession (a doctor or a judge who applies the death penalty, for example) does not commit a crime.
In black literature, crimes occupy a fairly important place; so much so that most novels belonging to this genre usually have one or more deaths in their plot and the rest of the story revolves around the discovery of the murderer. Some examples of authors who have stories of murders and deaths are: Agatha Christie, Patricia Highsmith, Fernando Ampuero and Eduardo Mendoza, among many others.
On the other hand, in the world of poetry the poem "The crime was in Granada" by Antonio Machado is known, published in "Soledades" and in which he recounts the death of Federico García Lorca , assassinated by the Franco regime for his ideas against the system.

One of the most lucid verses says: «They killed Federico / when the light showed up. / The group of executioners did not watch his face."
Crime and organized crime
Organized crime is known as organized crime or organized crime the activity carried out by a solidly structured group whose purpose is to commit serious crimes in order to obtain an economic or material benefit in return. In each country there are various groups that carry out this type of action that threatens security .

It is worth mentioning that the actions carried out by these people go against current legislation . Despite this, they manage to carry out their work in such a "careful" way that justice cannot condemn them. It is also worth mentioning that, in many cases, it is very difficult to end them since these groups are protected by institutions , people or entities with a certain social weight .
These groups, in addition to committing crimes of all kinds, often traffic in drugs, people and commit crimes of all kinds, such as kidnappings and murders.
For years the United Nations has been trying to develop projects to fight this type of criminal organization and put an end to organized crime, establishing measures to combat it and trying to get the people of each country to collaborate with the clarification of the crimes committed by them. organisms.

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