What is cradle?

What Does cradle Mean

A wedge is a piece that ends at a very acute dihedral angle . It can be made of metal , wood or other material and is used to fit or tighten one solid body to another, to wedge them or to divide them. The wedge can also fill a gap or crack.

For example: “We will need a wedge to repair the damage that occurred in the wall” , “The only way to get everything into this box is with a wedge” , “I think the shoe will only fit on my foot with the help of a wedge ” .
In this sense, for example, we could say that wedge is the piece finished at an angle and that it is made of wood that is used in many homes around the world with the clear objective of preventing a door from closing. Thus, it remains open thanks to the fact that it is located between the door itself and the floor.

The simple machine that has the shape described above is known as a wedge . It is a double inclined plane that can be moved from one place to another: when the wedge moves in the direction of its pointed end, it generates a force perpendicular to the direction of movement .
Any sharp item can act as a wedge and is used that way. A knife , nail, or chisel , therefore, can serve as a wedge.
Wedge, on the other hand, is a container with the appropriate shape to collect the urine and excrement of a person who, due to physical or health reasons , cannot leave his bed to go to the bathroom.
Within the field of medicine and anatomy, we have to say that the term wedge is also used with other meanings. Thus, for example, that word is the one that gives name to a part of the occipital lobe of the brain that is identified by having a cuneiform shape and because it is on the inside of it. In addition, wedge is each of the three bones that make up the tarsus.
In the field of communication media , the concept of a wedge is used in some countries to refer to the short advertising space.
Nor should it be overlooked that wedge is, in the same way, a type of military and tactical training that has been used since ancient times by armies. It consists of establishing a kind of triangle in such a way that the bravest soldiers with the best chances of obtaining victory were at the vertex and on the sides.
All this without forgetting that there is also what is known as an ice wedge. This is a fissure that is created in the ground as a consequence of a freezing zone inside it. It is usual for it to appear, as you might imagine, in winter times and it is characterized by being about three meters long.
For zoology , the cuneiform bones found in the tarsus of mammals are called wedges.

The meteorologists finally use the notion of naming wedge formation pressures entering certain zones of different pressure and atmospheric changes occur.

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