What is Cortex?

What Does Cortex Mean

Before entering fully into the meaning of the term cortex, we are going to proceed to know its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word that derives from Latin, exactly from the adjective “corticea” which, in turn, comes from the noun “cortex, corticis”. This can be translated as "bark".

The bark is the superficial or outer sector of plant and animal organs . The hardest and outer part of certain foods is also called crust . For example: "The young man decided to carve his name in the bark of the tree" , "The doctors did not detect damage to the cerebral cortex" , "Before preparing the sandwiches, I am going to remove the bark from the bread . "
It can be said that, in woody plants, the bark is the outer layer of the roots and stems. Its function is to provide protection through its various fabrics, such as phloem and cork .

When it comes to food, the crust is usually a part that is discarded due to its toughness. The cheeses , to cite one case, may have different kinds of crust: some are edible and sometimes not.
In relation to the gastronomic field, we cannot ignore the existence of another food that is called pork rind or pork rind. Basically it is the skin of the aforementioned animal that is usually fried, as a general rule, to become a snack with an exquisite flavor, although it is true that it is not exactly healthy due to the fats it contributes to the body.
The outermost sector of the geosphere, which is the solid part of planet Earth, is known as the Earth's crust . The geosphere is made up of several concentric layers: the outer zone is the earth's crust.
It is possible to differentiate between the continental crust (with an average thickness of about 35 kilometers, it forms the continental shelves and continents ) and the oceanic crust (about 10 kilometers thick, it constitutes the oceans).
The cerebral cortex , on the other hand, is the nervous tissue that is responsible for covering the hemispheres of the brain . It has about 10 billion neurons and houses the processes related to thought and perception. In the cerebral cortex it is possible to recognize the archicortex , the paleocortex and the isocortex .
The archicortex is the oldest part of the cortex and is formed by the hippocampus. Its functions are both what are the physiological mechanisms and giving automatic responses.
The paleocortex, on the other hand, is the part that has the peculiarity of being between the oldest and the most evolved areas. In it is, for example, what is the olfactory part of the human being.
The isocortex, which is also known by the name of neocortex, is the one that is characterized by being the most current cortex. In this case, we can establish that it is the one in charge of what is logical thinking and reasoning.

Likewise, it must be taken into account that the cerebral cortex is made up of layers such as the molecular, the external pyramidal or the external granular, among others.

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