What is corsage?

What Does corsage Mean

It is called corsage to a bouquet of a few flowers formed artificially. It is a small grouping that allows you to enjoy the floral aroma and stands out for its color.

The corsage, like the bouquet, can be used as a gift or as a complement to a wardrobe . It is also used for ritual or symbolic purposes , such as at funerals to express the pain felt at the death of a person.
The bunches of herbs , meanwhile, are common in the cuisine . Many recipes include the inclusion of a sprig of parsley , a sprig of mint , etc.

In a broader sense, a bouquet is a collection of useful, distinguished or prominent items . In this case, the notion is associated with a selection or a gathering of pieces of great value or importance.
For example: "During his visit to the city, the candidate for president unveiled a bunch of proposals with which he aims to reactivate the regional economy" , "A bunch of young people aspire to win the crown of the beauty pageant" , "Sports journalists consider that there is a bunch of four or five teams that are the main favorites . "
Suppose a writer has just released his new novel. To disseminate the book , his publisher organizes a bunch of presentations in various locations: thus, for a month, the author will visit twenty municipalities, offering talks in each of them. As you can see, this bunch of activities works as a mechanism to publicize the brand new work.
Since we are in the field of literature, we cannot fail to mention the poetic anthology that contains the Bouquet of flowers or collection of various curious things , a manuscript of little extension that is preserved in the National Library of Spain and belongs to the second half of the 16th century. Its importance is considerable, since there are not many other handwritten sources for vihuela (the stringed musical instrument that is struck with a plectrum or bow).
In this book, which measures 23 by 17 centimeters, you can read ten works for vihuela. It is known that its copy took place in the year 1593, so that it is located seventeen years after the publication of El Parnaso , by Esteban Daza , the last book for this musical instrument . The fact that it was published at that time tells us that the vihuela probably still enjoyed sufficient popularity and that, therefore, other works of similar content were published that have not yet been found.

Regarding the typeface used by the person in charge of copying this bouquet, it is estimated that the work took place in the Royal Palace of Madrid , more precisely in its library. Note that at present the kings do not live in this building, but in the Palacio de la Zarzuela, which is why it is used for solemn acts and ceremonies of national importance.
The corsage received a new binding in the 18th century. Its leaves must have been numbered again, because ten of them had been lost. Throughout the process , an unfortunate mistake occurred: while the volume was guillotined, although the literary text was not affected, much of the musical notation was lost.
Thanks to the work of expert professionals in the reconstruction of scores, it is possible to recover the missing parts to a certain degree. It is estimated that the binding that can be seen today was made around 1900. At that time this bouquet was already known in the field of letters, but not in that of music .

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