What is corrugated?

What Does corrugated Mean

The adjective grooved allows to qualify what has the shape of a channel . This means that it has an elongated and concave slit-like structure .

The ribbed, therefore, is long and narrow like a channel . There are, however, other meanings of the concept.
The element that has grooves or grooves can be classified as ribbed. The same can be said about what goes through a narrow duct .
In the field of architecture , it is called a grooved column (or fluted column ) to the column that has its shaft ornamented with grooves or channels. It should be remembered that the shaft of the column is the sector that is located between the base (the lower piece or seat) and the capital (the upper area).

In the so-called Doric order or Doric art , developed in Ancient Greece , fluted columns were common. These columns exhibited a shaft ribbed by a score of grooves.
A corrugated sheet , meanwhile, has waves in its structure. These sheets are often used in panels, cladding and roofs, standing out for their aesthetics .
The fries fluted or wavy , on the other hand, are usually marketed frozen or as a snack. In these cases, the potatoes are cut through a series of cuts to create channels.
Continuing in the field of food, we can find different types of ribbed noodles . Among them it is possible to mention the penne rigate and the conchiglie rigate . The channels, according to the cooks, help the sauce soak into the pasta.

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