What is cookie?

What Does cookie Mean

The notion of cookie belongs to the English language and can be translated as "cookie" . In our language it is usually used in the field of gastronomy and in the field of computing.

Its gastronomic use, of course, is not essential, since it can refer to a biscuit , biscuit or sponge cake . That is why using the English concept is meaningless. Anyway, for reasons of style or idiosyncrasy, sometimes talking about cookies chocolate , lemon cookies , oatmeal cookies , cookies orange , cookies butter or butter , etc.

In the context of technology , a cookie is a file sent by a website and stored in the browser of the person who is using the Internet. This file allows the site to track activity that has previously occurred in the browser.
Thanks to a cookie, therefore, the user's browsing habit can be known. Therefore it implies, in a way, a violation of the privacy of the individual. This causes many sites to warn about the sending of cookies and ask the Internet user to approve or reject it.
Beyond the question of privacy , cookies are useful to remember access to a service. When the site "discovers" that the user registers a previous visit, it can present them with personalized content or recognize their username and password, for example.
It should be noted that the person has the ability to accept, reject, block or ignore cookies from the browser settings. You can even delete them once they are accepted.

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