What is convalescence?

What Does convalescence Mean

The convalescence is the condition of the convalescent : who is convalescing (ie rest being made to recover the energy you lost due to disease or other health disorder). The term comes from the Latin word convalescentia .

It can be said that convalescence is the period that a person must go through to fully recover their health . That is why the notion is associated with rehabilitation or the recovery process in general .
When an individual becomes ill, undergoes surgery or suffers an accident , their recovery develops gradually. The idea of ​​convalescence usually refers to the stage that begins when the disease is already being left behind and the subject needs to gather strength to resume their daily activities.

Suppose a man undergoes laparoscopic surgery. It is a simple intervention, but it requires some care. After the operation and spending a night in the hospital, the patient is discharged to convalesce at home. According to the doctor's instructions, you should rest and follow a healthy diet for a week until you recover.
Convalescence, depending on the case, can take place in a hospital or in the patient's own home . A medical follow-up is usually carried out to confirm that the process is being carried out properly.
In ancient times there were convalescent hospitals , also called convalescent houses . These were institutions that received people once they left the traditional hospitals. In this way, the risks of relapse, contagion or infection , which were quite frequent in the past due to health and hygiene conditions, were reduced .
Tips for Convalescence at Home
It is important to remember that not everyone has someone to assist them during the period of convalescence, and for this reason it is sometimes necessary to hire a nurse or request their services through a government body. Depending on the situation of each one, the care to recover properly are different, as well as the knowledge necessary to carry them out.
Beyond technical preparation, when caring for a person during a period of convalescence it is important to take certain precautions, such as making sure there is a window near the bed ; If possible, it is recommended to choose the one that offers the best views of the house.

This brings two benefits that are often overlooked: the convalescent individual stays in contact with the outside and also enjoys natural light, therapeutic on a physical and mental level. It is also important to ventilate the room frequently , something that can be done perfectly while the patient takes a bath.
Another essential factor for a successful convalescence is the cleanliness of the room , which includes maintaining the floor, furniture, glass and changing the sheets. It is recommended to purchase a reclining bed , ideal to provide greater mobility to the convalescent person when it comes to eating, reading or doing any other activity.
Since in some cases patients require constant attention , it is advisable to leave all the objects of daily use at hand , such as medicines, warm clothes, the TV remote control, glasses and books, among many other things. that are used very frequently during convalescence.
Finally, let's not forget that a period of convalescence can be ideal to study or develop a project that requires a lot of time and dedication, such as learning a language, writing a book or programming a computer application.

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