What is consolidation?

What Does consolidation Mean

Consolidation , from the Latin consolidatĭo , is the action and effect of consolidating or consolidating (giving strength, security and solidity to something). The concept is prevalent in economics with various uses.

The consolidation of debt is to convert a provisional debt into a stable debt. The mechanism involves borrowing money to settle (pay) the various outstanding debts. In this way, the debtor will only have a single debt with the same body (the entity that granted the loan).
This procedure brings together what were previously multiple debts into a single monthly payment, a feature that helps reduce financial costs and help plan money management . The payment that is made each month, on the other hand, ends up being lower, although it is spread over time.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore the fact that there is also what is known as soil consolidation. This is a procedure that takes place within the industrial, construction and geographic scope, in many cases.
That is a term that is used to define the entire process that takes place from what would be the reduction of the volume of certain soils, usually those that are silts or clays. This circumstance occurs as a result of the placement of a series of masses on them.
This process of soil consolidation lasts for a long period of time, which can be of two types. Thus, on the one hand, there is the primary, which is the one that occurs in a single dimension. And, on the other, there is the secondary call that takes place from the previous one and that is defined because other factors such as water also intervene in it.
The consolidation of a company , on the other hand, is the integration of the different balance sheets of subsidiary companies into a single balance sheet of a parent company. The process may involve the transfer of assets. With consolidation, the financial statements of two or more companies that are legally independent are grouped together .
We cannot forget either that, on the other hand, there is what is known as job consolidation. Basically it is a tool that is usually used in institutions and public bodies so that people who work in them but do not have a place can finally achieve a definitive one.
Hence, to offer them this possibility, a series of mechanisms such as procedures that have a competition part, where their merits and the years they have been working will be scored, and another for opposition, which will measure their knowledge on a specific agenda will be put in place. .
In everyday language, consolidation refers to consolidating something or putting together what has been for a while so that it remains firm . For example: "The trip was so perfect that it meant the consolidation of our courtship" , "Paula's move prevented the consolidation of friendship since Ramona had to travel a long distance to visit her" , "The consolidation of this project requires the commitment and the efforts of all ” , “ Messi achieved consolidation as the best player in the world in 2009 ” .

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