What is consideration?

What Does consideration Mean

Consideration is a term that comes from the Latin consideratĭo and refers to the action and effect of considering (meditating, reflecting, estimating, judging). For example: "I'm sorry, but hiring more staff is not within our consideration" , "I have a lot of consideration for your father" , "The old man was absorbed in his considerations and did not speak for minutes that became eternal . "

The notion of consideration, therefore, can be linked to a meditation or reflection . To consider, in this case, is to think, review or ponder: "The decision cost me nothing more than a brief consideration of the advantages and disadvantages, but I already had a firm idea" , "Fabián dedicated several hours to the consideration of this issue ” .

The concept can also be associated with an estimate or valuation . In general, the consideration has a positive connotation: "I came to greet you because I always had a high regard for Mabel" , "The Argentine singer enjoys an important consideration in the European market" , "The Uruguayan footballer enjoys an unprecedented consideration in his team and has no intention of being traded .
It is important to establish the existence of a verbal locution that is used very frequently within the colloquial sphere. We are referring to “take into consideration”, which is used to make it clear that a person, fact or information is believed to be of significant importance, which therefore makes it worth paying attention to.
However, this same phrase is also commonly used within any type of assembly or important meeting. In this case, it is used to establish that there is a question or proposition that deserves to be discussed because it has significant relevance.
Consideration, on the other hand, refers to treatment with respect and civility : "I had a great time, they have treated me with great consideration in this house" , "He had no consideration for me even though I am an older man . "
When we speak of consideration within what would be the relationship with others, it must be emphasized that this is carried out when the following parameters are followed:

• When the feelings of others are respected.

• When we worry about how other people will feel based on our opinions, ideas or actions.

• When we do not try to convince others to think like us, we respect and tolerate their way of understanding things, even if we consider that they are wrong.

• When we do not bother others when we know that they cannot dedicate time to us because they are working, studying or carrying out an important activity for them.

• When we are going to give someone a gift and we really think about their tastes and needs rather than our own.
In all these actions, the person who carries them out is considered to be a truly considerate individual.

Finally, the expression "Of my highest consideration" , usually serves as a heading or greeting in a formal letter : "Of my highest consideration: By means of this request, please send me the documents corresponding to the operation ..." .

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