What is condominium?

What Does condominium Mean

The idea of ​​a counter - domain , also referred to as an arrival set, final set , or codomain , is used in the realm of mathematics . The concept appears when alluding to functions .

Before proceeding further, it is important to remember that the relationship established between two sets is called a mathematical function , whereby each element found in the first set is assigned only one element (or none) of the second set.
The starting set is the domain ; the arrival set , the condominium . Therefore, if we consider a set A and a set B , a function is the link that is generated when each element of A (the domain) is assigned a single element of B (the counter-domain).

Take the case of the function f (x) = 3. x , with a domain that, in this case, is the set {2, 4, 8} . Therefore, the counter-domain could be the set {6, 12, 24} , since the function consists of multiplying each element of the domain by three.
It is important to note that the function is a law that presents a unique correspondence . This means that each element of the domain can only correspond to one element of the counter-domain.
In colloquial language , the domain is the set that indicates what can enter the function, while the counter-domain is formed with what is possible to leave. What actually comes out of the function is called image or range . It should be noted that all functions have their domain.

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