What is concussion?

What Does concussion Mean

Concussion is a term that comes from the Latin concussio . It is an arbitrary levy (the action of demanding taxes, fines or benefits) carried out by a public official for his own benefit.

The concussion, therefore, is a legal concept that is used to describe a situation in which an official makes use of his position to make a person pay a contribution that does not correspond to him. The concussion also implies demanding a higher payment than stipulated by law .
The crime of concussion can have various aggravations: the use of intimidation, the invocation of orders from higher-ranking officials, etc. The analysis of the concussion and its characteristics depends on a judge.

For example: “Pérez was accused of concussion by a local businessman, who assures that the official demanded a large sum of money to enable him to do business ” , “An administrative secretary of the municipality was found guilty of concussion and must spend two years in prison " , " I'm worried: they have accused my boss of concussion . "
The public servant incurs this crime when he demands, by himself or through another person, money, securities or services by way of tax, income, contribution, etc., without the law stipulating or in an amount greater than that allowed.
If the official is found guilty, the penalty varies according to each legislation and according to the seriousness of the crime committed. In general, the punishments range from the payment of fines to dismissal and disqualification from serving in public office or even imprisonment .
Embezzlement is a concept related to that of concussion: it takes place when a public servant appropriates property of the State or companies , for his own benefit or that of a third party.
Differences with bribery
Concussion and bribery are two terms that are often confused in popular language, but they are different concepts. In the first place, it should be clarified that both belong to the same category: they are two types of abuse , a phenomenon that has taken different forms throughout history and that continues to mask itself to form part of the various cultures of the human being.
Continuing with the abuse, although it has many classifications, the highest rate of victims is associated with the abuse of power , since it does not require a high political hierarchy or an economic fortune; In many cases, in fact, abusers do not need anything other than a strong personality, a great influence on their environment that occurs purely on a psychological level.

Concussion and bribery are two very common types of abuse, to the point of having become concepts that the population accepts with total normality, since they tend to have a reserved place in the news almost daily. The main difference between the two terms can be seen in their basic definitions: while the concussion involves the requirement for payment by an official seeking a benefit for himself, bribery describes the subornation of a public official or judge.
Another possible distinction revolves around the demand for the monetary sum, which occurs only in the case of concussion, since the official demands said payment. On the other hand, all the individuals who carry out a bribe reach an agreement, without the need for threats from any of them.
These are two serious crimes, both related to money and lack of honesty , of two actions that cause damage to the legal good of the public administration; when a concussion is committed, however, to said damage one is added to the private patrimony.

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