What is conceptual map?

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What Does conceptual map Mean

The concept map is called the tool that makes it possible to organize and represent, graphically and by means of a scheme , knowledge . This kind of maps emerged in the 1960s with the theoretical proposals on the psychology of learning proposed by the North American David Ausubel .

The objective of a concept map is to represent links between different concepts that take the form of propositions . The concepts usually appear included in circles or squares, while the relationships between them are manifested with lines that join their corresponding circles or squares.

The lines, for their part, exhibit associated words that are responsible for describing the nature of the link that unites the concepts. In this way, a concept map is dedicated to summarizing the most relevant contents of a document.
When developing any concept map, it is essential that a series of steps be followed to ensure that it meets the objective of showing a subject or a fact in a clear, simple and easily understandable way. Specifically, it is established that the realization of that has to go through the phase of selection, grouping, ordering, representation, connection, verification and finally that of reflection.
For Ausubel , the key factor in learning is what the person already knows. This means that meaningful learning occurs when a human being manages to link, explicitly and consciously, the new concepts with others that he had previously. This process causes certain modifications in the structure of cognition.
According to Joseph D. Novak (a Loyola University expert who is often referred to as the author of the first concept maps), new concepts are acquired by receptive learning or via discovery . In schools, learning usually takes place in a receptive way, which causes students to memorize concepts but have difficulties to grasp their meaning. The concept map, on the other hand, enables active learning as it helps organize thoughts.
There are several classifications that exist in terms of concept maps. However, one of the most generalized is the one that determines that these are divided into several types:
Hierarchical map, is the one that is made from a key concept that is located in the upper part and from it the rest of the elements that are in decline start.
Organization chart map. This in particular is frequently used in the business environment and is used to establish the different departments and positions that shape a specific industry or company. The information is presented in a linear way.

Spider map. On this occasion, the key concept is in the center and from there the rest of the issues are being developed around it.
Multidimensional map. A figure that has multidimensional properties is the one that brings about the development of this aforementioned map, in an organizational plan.
The systemic map and the landscape map are other types that make up the most common classification of the so-called concept maps that we are addressing.

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