What is Conceit?

Meaning of Conceit

It is the act in which a person boasts of all the achievements in his life or professional career, to surprise , in some way, everyone who witnesses his speech. One of the reasons why this happens is because the being that carries it out needs attention to feel, in some way, happy. He is seen as having a dependency bond with care, which helps him reaffirm the achievements he has on his list. Most of the time, these individuals make the best of the facts, so that their act of showing off can have a touch of mysticism and the aura that they are unattainable.

It is also seen as a feeling contrary to humility , a quality that defines those who possess it, as a being who is not concerned that others have knowledge of their wisdom and achievements, or whose behavior reflects someone who is tolerant and does not despise those who may have a lower economic, social or intellectual level. And this is the main fault of those who brag, because, by being glorified by the actions committed, they begin to cultivate the ego , which conditions them to continue putting into practice the act of bragging .

Receiving some compliments can generate a state of satisfaction for those who experience it; but the constant search for this can generate vainglory, since it would be resorting to the exhibition of the achievements obtained. It is a highly discussed topic in religion, because it is an attitude that can degenerate into sin; This is because vanity and arrogance are defects that are closely related to the fact of boasting.

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