What is computer?

What Does computer Mean

Computer is a concept originating from the Latin ordinātor . As an adjective, the term refers to the one who orders . For example: "The traffic computer on this street is incompetent: the cars can barely move forward" , "Ask the file computer to find folder 384 for you . " In a similar sense, the computer is the head of an office or a payment authority.

In Spain , the notion of computer is used as a synonym for computer or computer . It is the electronic machine that facilitates data processing : "My father has given me a new computer so that I can study with more tools" , "We have to call the technical service: three computers have stopped working" , "I want to buy a basketball game for the computer ” .

Currently we can say that there are basically two main types of computers at the user level: desktop computers and laptops.
Those mentioned in the first place are identified because they are located in a specific place in any room, from where they do not move; They have a tower where the hardware and software are located, they have an individual screen and incorporate various peripherals such as a keyboard or a mouse. To all this should be added that they have advantages such as: greater storage capacity, offer a great combination between performance and price, provide high quality audio or video editing and are the best option to enjoy video games.
The latter, laptops, as their name indicates, have as their main benefit that they have a smaller weight and size than the previous ones and that they can also be carried from one place to another with absolute comfort. It should also be noted that they can work without being connected to the electrical network because they have batteries, which offer a wide variety of designs and colors, which can be found in a multitude of sizes and are the best option for people who, for their work, they have to travel constantly.
Taking into account all that set of characteristics, what we could say is that desktop computers are the best alternative for those looking for a powerful computer while laptops are the preferred choice of those who want to always carry a device of this type with them to work or to have fun.
Computers are made up of various components and circuits that execute numerous sequences or routines of instructions that are indicated by the user. Programming is called the process that consists of the systematization of said sequences based on practical and specific applications.
Users interact with the computer through computer programs ( software ), which are responsible for providing specific data for data processing. The information can be used by the computer internally, or be transferred to another computer or electronic device.

The architecture of personal computers is composed of a logical and arithmetic unit (known as ALU for its acronym in English), a control unit, a memory (which stores information in units known as bits ) and the input and output devices .

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