What is comptroller?

What Does comptroller Mean

The concept of comptroller is used in Latin America . The term refers to the body that is dedicated to reviewing State expenditures , supervising that they are correct and that they are framed within the legal framework.

Depending on the country, the comptroller's office can work in different ways and have different powers. It is common for the body to receive the name of the comptroller general , while the person who directs its actions is the comptroller (or comptroller general ).
Similar to a Court of Accounts , the comptroller is a higher-level auditing entity . This audit consists of studying state financial management to control how budgets are executed and how public funds are administered .

The comptroller's reports , within this framework, serve to determine the accounting responsibility of officials. The responsibility in question, meanwhile, can be direct or subsidiary.
The Comptroller General of the Republic of Colombia , created in 1923 , is among the oldest in the American continent. Called the Comptroller Department at first, in the 2018-2022 period it is in charge of Carlos Felipe Córdoba , who must supervise the control of the finances of the Judicial Power , the Legislative Power and the Executive Power .
Much more modern is the Comptroller General of the Republic of Cuba , which was established in 2009 . It is an entity subordinate to the National Assembly of People's Power that, according to its statutes, monitors how public assets are administered to combat corruption .
The objective of controllership, ultimately, is to ensure the proper use of public resources. That is why this type of institution is of great importance.

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