What is compilation?

What Does compilation Mean

A compilation is an excerpt , a recap, or a selection of something larger or larger. Typically, the compilation consists of fragments or pieces of a larger artistic work . For example: "The English band presented a compilation of their greatest hits" , "The compilation presents the best journalistic articles published by the Colombian in the 1980s" , "Look at this compilation of falls in the street: it's very funny" .

The compilations of musical successes are very frequent. It is common for artists with a certain track record, with several albums released, to take advantage of this resource to once again market their most popular titles. A compilation, in this way, collects themes from the different stages of his career and presents them all in a single product. An example of this is "Greatest Hits" of Queen , an album released in 1981 which includes songs that the English band released between 1973 and 1981 .

It should be noted that the compilation is not only used to gather in an album the best songs of an artist or a musical band, since record companies also use this as a tactic to boost the sales of their less successful figures. It is not uncommon for a star to emerge, driven by an unusual theme, and fade after a few years due to failing to sustain its own fame.
Currently, thanks to platforms such as Spotify or iTunes, which allow access to thousands of music albums from the comfort of our home (although each of them offer quite different services), it is enough to search for recordings of those people who have not been for a while. see in the media and that we believed that they had secured a little place in the entertainment world to find us with more compilations than discs of unreleased songs . On the other hand, great artists tend to show the opposite reality: lots of new music albums and a "greatest hits" every so often.
In the publishing universe there are also compilations. In this case, it is a question of collections of texts that maintain some type of link or characteristic in common. They can be compilations by the same author (such as "Cuentos macabros" , which brings together short stories by Edgar Allan Poe ), compilations of texts that share a genre or style ( "Current Latin American Chronicle Anthology" ), and so on.
Precisely the anthology is a type of compilation of works that stand out for various reasons, or that meet some criteria, such as coming from a particular region or having been written by a certain author. The anthology is very common in the field of poetry, but we also find it in genres such as the essay, the short story and the fable, for example. In some cases there is no well-defined theme, but responds to a very personal need to see certain works under a single title.

Information gathering , in another sense, is the process of collecting data for some purpose: "I'm still working on collecting statistics: just next week I'll start writing the report , " "Opposition legislators were concerned about the collection of confidential information that the government is carrying out with the supposed objective of caring for national security ” .
To collect information, it is necessary to draw up a defined action plan , which must include the way and the scope in which we will look for it, and also the tools with which we will analyze the data obtained to filter it and prepare the final product, according to the needs. that drove our activity in the first place. An investigation can lead us to unexpected discoveries, which threaten the continuity of our task, for which it is necessary to define how much we can deviate from the initial objective, to avoid losing perspective.

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