What is commitment?

What Does commitment Mean

The word commitment derives from the Latin term compromissum and is used to describe an obligation that has been contracted or a word already given. For example: "Tomorrow at five o'clock in the afternoon I pass by your house, it is a commitment . "

Sometimes a commitment is a promise or a statement of principles , such as when a man in political office says: "My commitment is to the people" or "I have made a commitment to solve this issue in the course of the week . "
On the other hand, the concept of commitment also refers to a difficulty : "I am in the middle of a commitment . " Another use related to this notion has to do with couples in love who decide to plan a life together and get married ( "Our engagement was in 1983" ).
A commitment can be linked to an agreement.
Commitment as a path to a goal
It is said that a person is committed to something when he fulfills his obligations, with what has been proposed or that has been entrusted to him. That is, they live, plan and react correctly to get a project, a family, work , their studies, etc.

For there to be a commitment, there needs to be knowledge . That is, we cannot be committed to doing something if we do not know the aspects of that commitment, that is, the obligations it entails. In any case, it is considered that a person is really committed to a project when he acts in pursuit of achieving objectives above what is expected.
It is said that a person commits himself when he is fully involved in a job, putting all his abilities to carry out an activity or project and thus contribute with his effort to the normal functioning of a group, society or company .
The commitment is, in addition, the delegation that is carried out to attribute various ecclesiastical or civil positions with the purpose of appointing the one with the most merits.
Commitment is very important in the life of a couple.
The notion in a family group
In a family, for example, there are different degrees of commitment, according to the role that each person occupies within the group. Parents have the obligation not only to provide their children with the material means to survive, but also spiritual, that is, they must accompany them, support them, talk, play with them. On the other hand, they have a commitment to their partner with whom they must have a relationship of mutual respect, enliven love and take care of all aspects of the relationship, go for a walk together, enjoy couple time, be affectionate and take care of each other.

Children also have responsibilities in the family, that is, they must be respectful with their parents, sincere and be willing to help them when they ask for it, in turn they have responsibilities with their siblings, respect and brotherhood. At the same time, they have a commitment to their friends whom they must care for and love and cultivate that friendship with the small gestures of each day.
Right and commitment
In the field of law , a commitment or an arbitration clause is a stipulation contained in a contract , through which the parties agree to submit to arbitration the differences arising from the performance or interpretation of said contract or a will.
The term is used to refer to any kind of agreement in which each of the parties assumes certain obligations. Therefore, a commitment can be defined as a contract that does not need to be written.
In this way, a commitment can be used as a synonym for agreement, although it must be taken into account that it aims to describe the adoption of a specific legal obligation and not the accumulation of duties and rights understood as a whole.
Committed citizens
Por su parte, el compromiso cívico engloba a las responsabilidades de todas las personas que componen una sociedad y las capacidades que poseen como grupo. Es fundamental para que exista la colaboración de todos los ciudadanos, no sólo de aquellos que gobiernan sino también de los que son gobernados.
Al hablar de compromiso cívico, a simple vista puede entenderse la actividad normal y voluntaria de una persona, sin embargo existen diversas maneras en la que éste se presente, desde el valor cívico, la participación colectiva en objetivos para todo el grupo o para algún sector de la comunidad, las donaciones, las asociaciones que defienden asuntos de ciudadanía, entre otros.
Esto significa que todas las personas, como ciudadanos, tienen un compromiso con el resto de la sociedad que implica el cumplimiento de las leyes, la colaboración con un desarrollo productivo, y sobre todo la predisposición para colaborar por el beneficio de toda la comunidad de la que forma parte, a fin de vivir en orden y armonía.

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