What is commercialization?

What Does commercialization Mean

Marketing is the action and effect of marketing (putting a product on sale or giving it the conditions and means of distribution for its sale). For example: "The North American company will start the commercialization of a new product in the next few days" , "The commercialization of the rice wine was a success" , "We have a good product, but we still failed in the commercialization" .

In this age of such competitiveness, it is not uncommon for a good product to go unnoticed by potential buyers. This is often the case in technology ; Whether they are computer components, such as graphics cards and hard or solid-state drives, video game consoles, televisions or tablet PCs, only those that are properly marketed will have the space they deserve in the market.

It is possible to notice various subgroups within the large group of consumers of a particular industry, but fundamentally we can say that there are those who are informed daily about the news and closely follow their favorite companies, anxiously awaiting the next launches, and those who they wait passively for an advertisement to tell them what to buy, where and when. This last group is of particular interest to large companies when launching a product.
As the end of the year holidays approach, many companies prepare their aggressive advertising campaigns so that consumers are aware of their offers before deciding to spend their money. This time is usually one of the most decisive for the success of a new product, since not even a world crisis can end the Christmas waste; the rest of the year, only few people have the money that is invested in December, and that is the reason why the strategies must be infallible .
As in other fields, one of the most common mistakes made by companies is to assume , in this case, that the public knows their products, that they are aware of their movements and that, when the time comes to choose, they will choose for your articles. Presence in the media is essential for success in business; you cannot count on the good judgment of consumers, as many of them do not have very clear objectives or are not very demanding: if they need a television, then they buy it, no matter what connectors it includes, how does its contrast compare with that of the competition or what is your maximum refreshment.
The notion of commercialization has different uses depending on the context. Marketing can be associated with distribution or logistics , which is responsible for physically delivering the product or service to the end consumer. The objective of marketing, in this sense, is to offer the product where and when the consumer wishes to purchase it: “We had a problem with marketing as the carriers went on strike” , “We have been informed about some inconveniences in marketing in the north of the country ” .

There are several ways to carry out the commercialization of a product. One of them can take place in stores , warehouses or markets , with the merchandise in view of the buyer. It is common for each product to present its price on a poster or label.
Marketing can also be carried out remotely, either via the Internet ( e- commerce ), telephone or catalog . In these cases, it is more common that the payment of the purchase is made by credit card, because it is more convenient and faster than sending or delivery of money in cash.
Illegal marketing is known as the sale process that is carried out outside the law (in informal or improvised stores, which do not pay taxes or offer guarantees to the buyer).

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