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What Does collection Mean

Collection is a term that comes from the Latin word collectĭo and that refers to the set of things of the same class that are gathered for their value or for the interest they arouse. The person who develops or organizes a collection is known as a collector.

For example: "My uncle has a large collection of glass bottles" , "When I was a child, he kept a collection of matchboxes in a trunk" , "A collection of old banknotes was auctioned for more than half a million dollars . "
Collecting is usually developed as a hobby or hobby . The collector is entertained and spends time and money increasing his collection, which many exhibits in his own home or in a museum.

The types of collections are as varied as human interests. Among the most common collectibles are banknotes, coins, stamps or stamps, matchboxes, sugar envelopes, postcards, autographs, bottles, pocket calendars, cans, maps, coasters and perfumes.
In the same way, we must not forget that collection is a term widely used within what would be art. And it is used to refer to the set of works that a museum or exhibition center has and that have some common link.
Thus, for example, at the British Museum in London, the collections of Egyptian mummies are particularly noteworthy; that of numismatics, which is the most important in the world, or the so-called Elgin Marbles. The latter are marbles that come from one of the most important buildings in history: the Parthenon in Athens.
Whoever is lucky enough to be able to visit the aforementioned museum and especially that last collection, will be able to enjoy the interesting centaurs, gods or lapitas that were sculpted in these works.
Another of the world's exhibition centers is the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, which is a benchmark due to the fact that it has a collection of some 20,000 works of what would be modern and contemporary art.
A collection can also be a series of books or other products that are published under a common heading since they share certain characteristics: "Tomorrow a new collection of police books goes on sale" , "I want to complete the Robin Hood collection edited by Publicontodo" .
The set of creations that a designer presents for a certain season is another meaning of the collection concept: “The Italian fashion designer launched his Spring-Summer collection with a great parade on the beach” , “The winter collection includes garments in blue and green ” .
It should also be emphasized that precisely around the designers' collections every certain period of time, catwalks are organized and developed around the world, facing spring, summer, autumn or winter. Thus, there are the Cibeles Catwalk in Madrid or the Fashion Week in London or New York.

Within the world of fashion, special interest awakens the Victoria's Secret underwear collections, which is one of the fashion shows with the largest number of followers on the planet.

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