What is coat?

What Does coat Mean

A whisk it is a garment characterized by its amplitude which, as the case may be similar to an apron a blouse or overalls . There are different types of gowns according to the use they are given.

There are gowns that are worn over clothing for protection . These gowns for outdoor use are often used by those who work in hospitals , laboratories or hairdressers , to name a few possibilities.
Gowns of this class prevent clothing worn by the person from becoming soiled or contaminated. Suppose a biologist is analyzing a sample: by wearing a gown, you prevent some pathogen from getting into your shirt or shirt and also, in combination with the use of gloves, masks and other accessories, you minimize the possibility of the agent reaching your skin .

It is called a robe, on the other hand, the garment that is open at the front and that people use when they get up . These gown models are designed for home or home use.
The gown can therefore be used as a coat . The individual who is lying down and covered by a blanket or blanket , when getting up, may feel cold. To avoid this, you have the possibility to put on a gown.
The bathrobe , finally, is used to getting out of the shower. It usually allows the user to cover their nudity to go to the room where they will finally get dressed. Similar gowns can be worn when leaving a pool or in other contexts that, due to modesty or social conditioning, demand to cover the body .

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