What is cloud computing?

What Does cloud computing Mean

The English expression cloud computing is frequently used in our language, although it can be translated as cloud computing or cloud computing . The concept refers to the offer of various digital services and benefits through the infrastructure of a network .

For a long time, when a user wanted to use a computer service, he had to download or copy and install some type of software on his computer (computer). This supposed a kind of physical anchoring of the service, which was only accessible from the equipment where it had been installed. With cloud computing, on the other hand, services are accessible over a network (usually the Internet) from any computer. The user has an identification and a password that allow him to use the service wherever he is.

The cloud computing infrastructure is provided by web servers that are prepared to respond to the requests made by clients (other computers ). In this way, it is enough to have an Internet connection to request access to the resources in question, regardless of where said access is required from.
A person who stores his computer documents in a cloud computing service, for example, can view and download them both from his home computer and from his office computer, his cell phone (mobile) or his laptop. Even if you go on vacation, you can connect to the Internet from a hotel computer and, through cloud computing, still have access to your documents.
Among the advantages offered by cloud computing is the security provided by having information stored virtually and not on a hard drive (hard drive) or other physical device susceptible to breaking, burning, etc.
In addition to everything indicated, we cannot ignore another series of notable advantages of cloud computing such as the following:

-It represents significant savings for the individual or for the company in question, since it avoids having to face a high cost to have infrastructures and licenses as far as software is concerned.

-No less relevant is the fact that in cloud computing the technology is completely up-to-date and also optimized.

-You have to take into account that the person or the company only pays for what they need. Hence, you can keep your spending absolutely under control.

-In the same way, we must also emphasize the fact that it contributes to improving and caring for the environment. Yes, because by not having to make use of physical devices, it does not contaminate with the materials that these are manufactured. So much so that the latest studies carried out in this regard indicate that it allows reducing pollution by up to 50% compared to before it existed.

-Unlike what can happen to a computer or a hard disk, the storage capacity in cloud computing is practically unlimited.

-In your favor you have the fact that if the person in question breaks down his computer, he should not fear that all his data and documents have been lost. You will have them safely on the Net thanks to cloud computing.

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