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What Does closed Mean

Cerrado is an adjective that can be used in various contexts. It can be used both for objects and ideologies, such as people, to express that they are hermetic, strict, strict or rigid . For example: "My boss's thinking is so closed that it never leaves room for innovation" , "The issue of theft is case closed: I am not going to talk about it anymore .

When talking about a closed person , it is said that he is shy, silent or clumsy of understanding : "The problem with Miguel is that he is very closed, you never know what he is thinking" , "You don't have to be so closed, go ahead and share your problems with me ” .
The closed pronunciation is one that, by the presence of very pronounced local features, it is difficult to understand: "While I understand some English, the pronunciation of this inverter is so close that I can not understand" .

A closed sound , on the other hand, is one that is articulated by narrowing the passage of air, as in the case of closed vowels .
Closed is also what is not open or available: "The bar is closed, we will have to find another place to drink" , "I always leave the padlock closed for security, otherwise thieves could enter" .
The Cerrado is a Brazilian region of tropical savanna that has an area of ​​1,916,900 square kilometers and that occupies about 22% of the total area of ​​the country . It is an area very rich in natural resources, with a wide variety of animal and plant species, although affected by human activity (monocultures, burning of vegetation for the production of charcoal, etc.).
Despite the many advances that our societies have experienced in recent decades, even today there are many people who are in favor of impenetrable and closed ideologies . They approve attitudes that go against the freedom of other people and believe they have the right to decide what can and what not to do in society. Among these ideologies we can mention the one imposed by the Catholic religion , which opposes the civil right to live freely.
Among their ideas can be highlighted their opposition to homosexual marriage and the formation of a family that does not respond to the vision of family that they defend, that is, heterosexual. In addition, the church is against the use of prophylactics to prevent illnesses and unwanted pregnancies, and promotes sexuality as a mere act of procreation, disassociating it from the enjoyment and fulfillment of individual desires.

Tolerance misunderstood
A closed-minded person is one who wants everyone to think like him and those who do not are despised. In any case, it is important to point out that with certain things we must be inflexible, if what is at stake is the freedom or well-being of another living being.
It is important to note that sometimes the concept of closure or tightness is misunderstood . If one person opposes another because he considers their attitudes to be unethical, he is not being closed, but advocating for justice. For this reason, the line that divides the tolerance of the closure is very fine; You cannot be tolerant of mistreatment or violence in any of its aspects.
Sometimes it is understood that you have to be tolerant with everything and in that case you would not be an ethical person , because if we know that an action is causing some damage to another living being, our obligation is to do something to avoid it. For example: a vegan arguing with a carnivore about the importance of a strictly vegetable diet is not closed , but is fighting against mistreatment and abuse of another species. Knowing how to discern the difference between closure and tolerance can be essential to lead a healthy and ethical life.

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