What is clipboard?

What Does clipboard Mean

A clipboard is a utensil that allows you to gather and hold different sheets of paper . Usually it is a rectangular plastic or cork plate that includes a clasp to hook the papers.

Of this type of clipboard, it should also be noted that they can be purchased in three different ways: open, partially open and even closed.
Also, do not forget that, as a rule, they are in the A4 class size and that they are available in a wide variety of colors.
These clipboards are useful in different fields, such as medicine , teaching, and journalism . The professional can use them to order and transfer various documents.

However, these stationery items are also used in production companies where some type of casting for series or films is being carried out, in receptions of large companies, in the logistics services of transport companies ...
Currently, the most common use of the notion of clipboard appears in the field of computing . Clipboard is called the virtual space of a computer where, temporarily, information is stored for later use .
The clipboard, in this framework, is the repository where the data that a user copied or cut is stored . Then the person can paste that information . The clipboard, therefore, allows the development of basic actions on a computer such as cut and paste or copy and paste .
Thanks to the clipboard, it is easy to transfer or duplicate files, text, etc. This tool is used very frequently in the Windows operating system and in various word processors , for example.
It can be said that the clipboard is responsible for "remembering" what the individual cuts or copies. When pasting that data , it "takes" it from the clipboard. It is important to note that the clipboard only records the last thing that was cut or copied, as the information is being overwritten .
Suppose that, in Microsoft Word , we write the word "hello" , then select it with the mouse or mouse, press the right button and click Copy . That text ( "hello" ) is stored on the clipboard. Then, in another part of the sheet, we right-click again and choose Paste : the word "hello" will be brought from the clipboard and added to the document in question.
It is also interesting to know that the clipboard has its own history, which can be consulted if deemed appropriate or necessary. Specifically, to access it, it can be done in the following way: pressing at the same time the button on the keyboard with the Windows logo and the letter V.

No less important is that you know that with the clipboard you can carry out another series of significant functions such as deleting your history, anchoring certain elements in it, synchronizing it with other devices that you have or even taking and saving screenshots.
Mobile phones also have a clipboard. In your case, the usual thing is that it is entered directly into the operating system of those, either Android or iOS. A clipboard that can be improved and expanded in this case through applications that are downloaded quickly and easily such as Gboard, Copied, Secure Clips, Type Keeper or even Clipboard Actions, among many others.

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