What is clear?

What Does clear Mean

Clear is a verb with various uses depending on the context . It can be the action of vacating a space or a site . For example: "The government gave the order to the police to clear the square so that the parade can take place without incident" , "We will have to clear the living room if we want to buy a new chair" , "The judge ordered to clear the room due to the shouts of the assistants ” .

In this sense, we would have to say that the term is usually used with that meaning when talking about demonstrations and protests in the street. And it is that in those cases the police authorities are requested to clear the streets, so that disturbances do not originate and so that conflicts are not created that endanger the integrity of the inhabitants of a place.
Likewise, within the judicial sphere, it is also frequent that the same word is used. Specifically, in very serious and tricky cases, it is common for problems to arise during the course of a trial because the assistants complain about the words of the witnesses or those of the accused himself. In these situations, the judge orders the police authorities to clear the room, so that there is no public, so that they can continue their normal course without stoppages and without disturbing noises.

Colloquially, the verb clear is also used to show that someone is getting awake as soon as they get up. Thus, for example, one can say: "Manuel is already clearing up and, after leaving the bed, he has showered and had a coffee."
Another use of the notion of clearing is associated with clarifying, dispelling what obscures clarity : "To avoid rumors, the candidate for president came out to clear up doubts and assured that he will not raise taxes if elected" , "I will try to clear the situation to prevent the confrontation from spreading ” .
Having fun, being entertained, being distracted or letting go of a concern is also known as clearing: "I'm sick of studying: I'm going to clear up in the park and then I continue reading the notes" , "Grandpa went to the beach to clear , since he is quite concerned about medical studies ” .
Within the field of medicine, we also have to emphasize that the term clearing is used. In this case, it is used to record that a patient is recovering and no longer has a fever, for example. In this sense, it would be said: "Dr. Narros's patient is clearing up."
Regarding the climate or meteorological conditions, the clear sky is one that is free of clouds: "I hope the north wind blows to clear the sky" , "Tomorrow we can go sailing, if the sky is still clear . "

In the field of sport , to clear is to move the ball away from the goal or one's goal to minimize the danger of receiving a goal or a score: “The defender delayed clearing and the ball was intercepted by the opposing striker, who scored the winning goal ” .
For the math finally clear is separate from other unknown quantities that accompany an equation through the calculation.

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