What is clarification?

What Does clarification Mean

In order to begin to determine the meaning of the word clarification that concerns us now, nothing better than to know its etymological origin. In this case, we can say that it derives from Latin, specifically from the verb “acclarare”, which can be translated as “eliminate what clouds vision” and that it is the result of the sum of the following components:

-The prefix “ad-”, which means "towards".

-The adjective "clarus", which is equivalent to "bright".

-The suffix “-ar”, which is used to indicate that it is the ending of a verb.

Clarification is the act and consequence of clarifying . This verb refers to making something less dark , either in a physical or symbolic sense. The clarification brings clarity or sharpness.
For example: “The player's clarification did not conform to the club's leaders” , “I think the governor owes the people a clarification” , “I would like to make a clarification: I never opposed this project, I simply stated that there were also other options we could consider ” .

The most common use of the idea of clarification is linked to providing more information on a topic to counter a comment or so that the interlocutor or receiver can remove their doubts about the matter in question.
Suppose a singer comments that he will not go on major international tours since his advanced age works against him when it comes to traveling . Many media, faced with these sayings, interpret that the artist will withdraw from the stage. The singer, therefore, is forced to make a clarification and says that, although he will not make "big tours" , he will continue to perform live with a more spaced schedule.
The president of a club , for his part, can make a clarification after signaling to the press that he would like to hire three quality reinforcements for his team. Given the expectations generated by his words, the leader clarifies that the hiring of the reinforcements was subject to eventual sales of players who were currently part of the club's squad.
When you are writing a text and you want to write a clarification about it, keep in mind that it must always be between two commas. An example of this could be the following: "My neighbor, the successful businessman who appears in the newspapers, causes many problems in the community." In this way, the part included between the commas makes it clear which neighbor is being talked about.
Within the scope of Law, there is also what is known as clarification of judgment or appeal for clarification. Basically it refers to a procedural remedy of an exceptional nature that, on occasions, is undertaken with the clear objective that the pertinent judicial bodies proceed to clarify some aspect or specific matter of the sentence.
In the same way, it is considered that this type of clarification may consist of the aforementioned bodies rectifying certain material cutting errors that have occurred or those that they have committed at an arithmetic level.

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