What is Civil marriage?

What Does Civil marriage Mean

The union between man and woman that is carried out through different rites or procedures is known as marriage . The marriage bond is recognized on a social and cultural level and implies rights and obligations.

Several countries have begun to accept same-sex marriage, a situation that has led to this conjugal union ceasing to be the exclusive patrimony of heterosexuality.
There are two main types of marriage in Western society: religious marriage (legitimized in the eyes of God ) and civil marriage (administered by a state authority).

Civil marriage, therefore, is the conjugal union that creates a bond between two people with rights and obligations. The State must be in charge of ensuring compliance with these duties; In the event that a spouse does not fulfill their commitments, they can go to court.
However, other equally important rites in this case should not be overlooked, such as the consent of the two contracting parties or that of the earnest money. The latter is carried out by the groom who gives them to his future wife as a sign of the goods they are going to share.
In addition to all this, it should be noted that it has become fashionable that in civil marriages there are also rites that come to replace those performed in religious weddings. In this case, one of the most frequent is that of light. It consists of each contracting party carrying a lit candle and then, together, light a larger one that comes to symbolize the life in common that they are about to begin.
The union of civil marriage, for example, makes it possible to legitimize the filiation of the couple's children , establishes conditions regarding the management of matrimonial property and imposes inheritance rights.
Unlike religious marriage, civil marriage can break down. The dissolution of the marriage is known as divorce , a procedure that is subject to various regulations and that provides protection especially to the woman and children who were born during the dissolved relationship.
Among the most frequent causes of divorce are domestic violence , adultery , lack of affection and change in sexual orientation . It should be noted that the divorce regime depends on each country.

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