What is cisgender?

What Does cisgender Mean

Cisgender is a term that is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). The Fundación del Español Urgente ( Fundéu BBVA ), however, recognizes it as valid to refer to the individual whose gender coincides with the biological sex assigned to him at birth .

As is clear from this definition, it is necessary to differentiate between gender and biological sex . The genre is a socio - cultural construction that transcends biology, while the sex is associated with the genitals .
When the sexual organs coincide with the self-perceived gender, the person is cisgender. If, on the other hand, there is a contradiction between gender and biological sex, it is a transgender person , regardless of eventual surgeries or treatments for sex reassimilation. In the event that the transgender subject undergoes surgery and / or hormonal treatment to acquire the appearance of the opposite sex, he becomes a transsexual individual .

A cisgender man, in short, identifies with his male genitality, while a cisgender woman identifies with her female genitality. Importantly, this has nothing to do with sexual attraction: someone cisgender can be heterosexual or homosexual .
Cisheteronormativity is known as the set of ideas that are assimilated to the cisgender and heterosexual, which are usually socially accepted and are imposed on the criteria of those who do not make up this group. The society where the ideas of cisgender and heterosexual men predominate is often referred to as cisheteropatriarchy .

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