What is chubby?

What Does chubby Mean

Although the etymological origin of the term plump is not particularly clear, because there are various theories about it, the one that takes on the most prominence and relevance is the one that determines that it derives from Latin. Specifically, that establishes that it emanates from the word “rotundus”, which is equivalent to “round”.

Chubby is an adjective that is used to describe a being that has a robust build and little height . Chubby individuals and animals are therefore thick (stuffed) and short.
For example: “He is a plump young man, but he has a great ability to play soccer that allows him to stand out even at a professional level” , “Look at that plump dog! I think he needs to do a little exercise to lose some weight " , " I am going to take my son to the nutritionist: he is plump and does not want to play any sports .

A chubby person , therefore, is one who is not tall and who is overweight . This does not only imply an aesthetic problem but, depending on the level of overweight, your physical condition can cause various health problems.
To qualify a subject as plump, the body mass index (or what this measure reflects in appearance) is taken into account . This is the link between the weight and height of the individual. This means that you cannot say that a person is chubby because he weighs 80 or 100 kilograms : it all depends on the height.
A man who weighs 90 kilos and is 2 meters tall will not be plump. On the other hand, the one who has the same weight but a height of 1.70 meters , will be chubby. The relationship between weight and height, which we already mentioned as the body mass index, serves as a parameter to know if what a person weighs is according to their height.
As we have mentioned, a chubby person is far from everything that the current canons of beauty are. However, more than for that reason, it is important to keep your weight in check for health reasons. And it is that those who have more kilos than those that correspond to their height have significant risks of suffering from problems and diseases as important as these:

-High blood pressure.

-Heart-related diseases. We are referring, for example, to heart failure, angina pectoris or heart attack.

-Accidents of the cerebrovascular type, such as strokes.

-Diabetes, which can have serious consequences such as blindness or kidney failure.

-High cholesterol levels, which are also the cause of dangerous heart conditions.
In the same way, chubby people are also more likely to suffer from sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, gallstones, hypoventilation ...
For all these reasons, it is important that you take action quickly for your well-being and health. Hence, they should not only start playing sports but also put themselves in the hands of nutrition professionals to establish healthy, complete and balanced diets with which to remove the excess kilos.

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