What is chicken?

What Does chicken Mean

Chicken is the name given to young chickens and other birds . The term, which has its etymological origin in the Latin word pullus , is also used to name the meat of this animal, which is a food widely consumed by humans .

For example: “Today we are going to have baked chicken with potatoes and sweet potatoes for dinner” , “Fried chicken wings are my favorite food” , “Yesterday five chickens were born on Don Manuel's farm” .
Typically, the notion of chicken refers to Gallus gallus domesticus , which is among the most numerous birds in the world. This domesticated animal is usually bred to take advantage of its meat and the eggs laid by chickens.

The chicken meat is considered a staple in the human diet. Its low cost of production compared to other meats means that it is consumed almost everywhere in the world and by all social classes.

However, we cannot ignore that another reason why chicken meat is recommended for anyone is because it has a series of notable benefits for the body. Specifically, among them the following stand out:

-It has low fat content, so it provides few calories.

-It has a significant number of both nutrients and proteins.

-It is low in cholesterol.

-Get to improve the immune system.

-Helps to stop what is bone loss in the elderly and to strengthen the skeleton of minors.

-It is considered that it is also a food that helps prevent the appearance of cancer.

-It manages to reduce a person's risks of suffering from Alzheimer's and even helps them to stop what would be cognitive deterioration.

-It provides energy to the body.

-It significantly improves cardiovascular health because, among other things, it has significant levels of vitamin B6.
The breast , legs , thighs and wings are the most required parts of the chicken for the preparation of various dishes. With the bones, it is possible to prepare a broth that is used in soups .
We cannot ignore either that in Spain and in a very colloquial way the term chicken is used with another meaning. Specifically, it is used as a synonym for anger or scandal. Phrases that can serve as examples are these: "When Eva found out about her boyfriend's infidelity, she rode him a chicken in front of the whole family", "What a chicken was formed in the street because of a collision between two cars! "," Manuela was embarrassed by the chicken her husband had made in the restaurant because there was a dirty glass "...
A colloquial level, it qualifies as "chicken" to the young person , especially when it is mentioned by another age more advanced than the blanket or acting as your counselor or teacher: "My chicken just out first to a track meet " , " Be careful with your chicken, who is not studying and wants to drop out of school . "

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