What is charm?

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What Does charm Mean

The concept of charm can be used in different ways. The term is used with reference to the individual, the animal, the place or the object that strikes for its beauty or attractiveness .

For example: "That baby is a sweetheart!" , "I congratulate you: your son is a charm, this morning he helped me carry the bags from the market" , "The charm of this hotel is undeniable, I would spend a whole month enjoying its comforts" .
That or that which is considered as a charm is pleasant to see or treat . A person can be described in this way when he is beautiful physically or when he stands out for his kindness and courtesy. A place, on the other hand, is constituted as a charm if it encourages pleasant sensations or positive emotions.

Having charm refers to having characteristics or properties that cause the aforementioned effects: "This beach has a very particular charm" , "Despite the passing of the years, the construction has not lost its charm" , "We have charm because we strive to create of original choreographies to accompany our songs ” .
The expression "a very particular charm" is widely used in our language to refer to a series of very positive characteristics that make an object or subject unique. If we talk about a beach, as in the example in the previous paragraph, this series of features can revolve around the calm it offers to its visitors during the day, the clarity of its waters, the plant and animal species that inhabit it. or its climate, among other issues. In the case of a person it could be their charisma, their kindness or their sense of humor.
Charm is subjective , and therefore we cannot expect all observers to perceive it in the same object or subject. On the one hand, each individual measures it according to their own personality, since it depends on their tastes and needs that the characteristics noticed generate positive or negative feelings. But it can also be a cultural issue; Let's not forget that in every part of the world there are codes that define the traits of something or someone that can be considered a charm.
In some cultures , for a young person to be considerate of an elderly woman and help her carry a bag or cross the street is today a rare and admirable situation; however, in others it is one of the basic rules of behavior in society. This leads us to the fact that in the first case we can qualify her as "a charm" for her compassionate attitude, while in the second the local people see her as something absolutely normal.
With regard to personal issues, each one has their own way of being and their expectations with respect to others, and this explains why the same person can be qualified in different ways according to the observer. For example, for someone with a very calm personality , who escapes from noise whenever he has the opportunity, a very talkative individual may seem annoying, while for another he can be a charm because he encourages meetings and avoids awkward silences.

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), charm can also be used as a synonym for enchantment : the act and result of enchanting (influencing through magic, seducing through a natural gift).
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