What is chandelier?

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What Does chandelier Mean

The Latin word candelābrum arrived in Castilian as a candelabrum . The term refers to a candlestick that has at least two arms or branches .

To know what a candlestick is, therefore, you first have to focus on the idea of ​​a candlestick. This is the name of an object that allows a candle or candle to be held upright .
Candles and candles are items made with paraffin or wax that, on their axis, have a wick or wick . When lighting this wick, they serve to illuminate.
Once the wick is lit, it is necessary that the candle is kept upright to avoid accidents . For this, candlesticks are used, which have a foot attached to a hollow cylinder where the candle is placed.

Candlesticks, in this setting, are useful when you want to light several candles simultaneously. As they have two or more arms, in each one a candle can be placed, thus obtaining more light .
Since the arrival of electrical energy , the chandeliers lost their daily importance. However, they are still used when there is a cut in the electricity supply or when you want to create a special atmosphere (for example, for a romantic dinner).
In ancient times, on the other hand, candlesticks were essential utensils. In many cases they were true works of art, since some pieces were made of gold and decorated with precious stones . Of course, these chandeliers were not present in every home, but in palaces.
It should be noted that candlesticks are also used for burning aromatic substances . In these cases, they used to be smaller than those intended for lighting .

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