What is certification?

What Does certification Mean

The act and result of certifying is called certification . The verb certify , for its part, refers to taking something as true or confirmed . A certification, therefore, is a document that guarantees the truth of an event or event.

For example: "The municipal government gave the certification to those who completed the food handling course" , "We are trying to obtain a certification for our organic products " , "This beach has a special certification for the quality of its environment" .
In general, a certification is granted by an entity that studies and confirms compliance with certain requirements, which allow access to the recognition in question. The entity has to maintain independence from the organization or person it audits.

Suppose that an international association grants a certification to food producers who do not use agrochemicals or polluting substances in their processes. If a company that markets canned food wishes to access this certification, it must undergo an audit so that the entity that grants the recognition can confirm that the company does not actually use these elements. Once this is ratified, the company can obtain the certification in this regard.
The Recording Industry Association of America ( RIAA ), to mention a real and specific case , grants a certification of records sold according to the number of albums sold by an artist. Depending on the figure reached, it can award you a Gold Record , a Platinum Record or a Multi-Platinum Record . Elvis Presley is the most RIAA certified artist .
For its part, the National Accreditation Entity ( ENAC ) provides the certification of products, processes and services with the aim that consumers and regulatory bodies have a guarantee on the quality of the services offered by their favorite suppliers.
The product certification bodies grant an accreditation that generally consists of quality marks or badges , and it is the system preferred by the majority so that the general perception of the marks improves and reflects more confidence in the quality.
At present, this accredited certification can be processed in any sector of activity, such as construction, health, energy, transport, agriculture, industry , telecommunications and livestock, among many others that cover a large number of consumer and industrial products, in addition to frame various services and processes.

It is important to note that the greater the risk involved in consuming a given product or service, the more necessary this certification becomes. For example, household appliances, electrical and construction material, food products, wind farms and tourist establishments are some of the main focuses of this quality seal that provides a certain security to the public and helps them choose a supplier .
In fact, before delivering the certification it is necessary to carry out various activities that revolve around the evaluation of the products, processes and services in question; inspection of manufacturing methods, testing on a series of samples taken directly from the production line, and auditing of the quality system are three of the most common.
Another relevant entity in this framework is the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification ( AENOR ), which works independently to ensure that the products, services, processes and organizations it evaluates meet the requirements, standards and technical specifications that required by law. Among its main goals to gain the trust of its customers is respect for the environment and the safety of workers.

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