What is certificate?

What Does certificate Mean

Certificate is a concept that can be used as an adjective or as a noun . In the first case, the term is used to qualify that parcel or letter that, from an additional payment, the courier is obliged to deliver within certain terms and conditions .

Sending a registered letter , in this framework, provides greater security to the sender, since it obtains a receipt from the mail service. In other words, the letter that is certified is insured.
As a noun, a certificate is a document that certifies . Also called certification , it is a paper or digital file that confirms or confirms something .

A certificate makes it possible to verify an event or a fact . Whoever issues or issues documentation of this kind has the authority to support what he or she claims.
Take the case of a person who completes a course on web design. The institution that offers the training is in charge of giving you a certificate certifying that you have accessed said training.
In the context of the pandemic of coronavirus , on the other hand, many countries established traffic restrictions on public roads in order to minimize the contagion of COVID-19 . In Argentina , for example, excepted groups were defined that, even with the regulations in force, were authorized to transit because they were essential workers or because they met some exceptional requirement. Thus, the individuals who made up these groups had to process a certificate of circulation through the Internet to exhibit at the controls.

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