What is centripetal force?

What Does centripetal force Mean

From the Latin fortĭa , force is a term with multiple uses. The concept can refer to the use of a power (either symbolic or physical); to the ability to mobilize a thing or a body that generates resistance or that has weight; to the action of forcing a person to do something; to the fortitude to tolerate a push; to the efficiency of things; to vigor; or to the influence that is in a position to modify the state of a body.

The centripetal , which comes from the Latin word centripetus , refers to what moves towards the center or what produces attraction towards its location. It can be said, therefore, that the centripetal force is the one that needs to be applied to an object or body so that it can overcome inertia and perform a movement with a curve .

The Newton 's laws Let us understand how a centripetal force acts. This force is perpendicular to the direction in which the body on which it is exerted moves. The object that moves with non-uniform speed in a circular type path carries a net force that can be decomposed into a tangential component (which changes the speed) and another perpendicular (which changes the direction of the movement).
The formula to find the centripetal force is as follows: mass x velocity squared / radius.

Likewise, when talking about this type of force, it is inevitable that we refer to what is known as centripetal acceleration, which is also called normal, which is that which originates from a real force and which it is in relation to the change of direction of the velocity experienced by any particle that is in motion during a curvilinear type of path.
However, when determining the aforementioned force, not only the aforementioned acceleration must be taken into account, but also other equally relevant and important factors such as the radial vector, the angular velocity, the modulus of the velocity, the radius of the circular path or position vector.
Among the fields of our life that make use of this force that occupies us or that are present in them in an almost intrinsic way, we find, for example, the action of placing a satellite in orbit. And that without forgetting either that a clear example of it would be the operation of the merry-go-rounds.
Likewise, at a scientific level it is important to underline that although centripetal force is fundamental in various fields that study, analyze and use it, one in which it is especially relevant is in the case of relativistic mechanics, which undertakes so much what is the investigation of uniform circular motion as well as rectilinear motion.
It is important to understand the difference between centripetal force and centrifugal force . This last force is a force that is classified as fictitious and that a fixed observer establishes as a reference system in rotation to describe the movement of an object.

Take the case of a child who ties a stone to a rope and makes it turn in a circle, maintaining the same angular velocity , until he throws it into the middle of a lake. This stone will move in a circular path since the rope will apply a centripetal force on it.

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